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Destruction for VR in Unity

This is a destruction system I created for VR in Unity.  I thought this would be fun to share as it has a lot of interesting crossover between art and code.  

Designing and building this I learned a lot about performance in Unity and VR,  hopefully people can use what I learned to help them in their own projects.  
Feel free to download code for the core system in "Tools and Code".  You'll need to know C# to integrate the system into your own projects.  Have fun.




I like talking design, sharing ideas, debating them.  I'll be updating this blog with things I'm working on but also topics related to design that I've been thinking about.  Look forward to learning from each other!


    I started making games when I was 15 using a program called "click and play".  Before that when I was five I started helping to "test" and fix arcade games at my fathers vending company; setting dip switches to adjust difficulty, making sure the hardware felt right,  cleaning parts.  I started making games professionally in 2005 and started an indie company soon after to explore some of my own ideas after hours.  I love designing games and talking design.  So lets talk.


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