Matthew Hoesterey: Game Development

Destruction for VR in Unity

This is a destruction system I created for VR in Unity.  I thought this would be fun to share as it has a lot of interesting crossover between art and code.  

Designing and building this I learned a lot about performance in Unity and VR,  hopefully people can use what I learned to help them in their own projects.  
Feel free to download code for the core system in "Tools and Code".  You'll need to know C# to integrate the system into your own projects.  Have fun.


    I started making games when I was 15 using a program called "click and play".  Before that when I was five I started helping to "test" and fix arcade games at my fathers vending company; setting dip switches to adjust difficulty, making sure the hardware felt right,  cleaning parts.  I started making games professionally in 2005 and started an indie company soon after to explore some of my own ideas after hours.  I love designing games and talking design.  So lets talk.


    November 2016
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